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Project Overview

Our Approach

Participatory Action

Elevating youth voices is our priority and we are committed to listening and to the co-creation process.

Agile and Adaptive


We take a flexible and continuous approach to evolve best practices that are able to accommodate the changing landscape and the dynamic needs of youth.

Systems Theory


We collaborate across systems, institutions, and levels of practice to influence and grow.

CYMH Project
Partner Engagement Model

CYMH Partner Engagement Model.png

Schaffer, M.A., Schoon, P.M., & Brueshoff, B.L. (2017). Creating and sustaining an academic-practice Partnership Engagement Model. Public Health Nursing, 34, 576-584.

Our Purpose

The overarching goal of the Children and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) Project is to engage children and youth, as well as parents/guardians, natural supports, and community partners, in the development of user-focused initiatives for the promotion and early intervention on child and youth mental health. 


We do this by identifying intervention strategies to promote healthy physical, emotional, and social development.  This project is an international partnership that aims to support children and youth aged 12-17 in Canada and China. 

Our Objectives


To understand both risk and protective factors that affect the mental health of children and youth in Canada and China



To engage stakeholders in a multi-directional knowledge exchange and mobilization



To support children and youth in finding strategies and tools for prevention and intervention of mental health issues



To inform child and youth mental health policy in Canada and China



To support collaboration for the development of community-driven mental health initiatives


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